From the new 2021/22 season, Prague Synchro will consist of 5 teams in various competitive categories. Aside from our development group for beginners, we currently have the following teams under our wings – Minnies in the Pre-Juvenile category, brand-new team Melodia in the Basic Novice category, Mixed Age team Euphoria, and last but not least our successful Junior and Senior teams Harmonia and Olympia. All teams have well-rounded sports training, including fitness testing, classical ballet and advanced technical training on the ice. Synchronized skating is not just about individual ability and technique, but also about cooperation, empathy and team spirit.


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Events foractual season

Event behind us
CompetitionCanceled (COVID-19)WSSC 2019Lake Placid, 3.-5. 4. 2020CompetitionWSSC 2019
Canceled (COVID-19)
Lake Placid3.-5. 4. 2020OLYMPIA
CompetitionCanceled (COVID-19)Mixed Age TrophyBasilej, 27.-28. 3. 2020CompetitionMixed Age Trophy
Canceled (COVID-19)
Basilej27.-28. 3. 2020EUPHORIA
exhibitionCanceled (COVID-19)Závěr sezóny klubu KK NymburkNymburk, 22. 3. 2020exhibitionZávěr sezóny klubu KK Nymburk
Canceled (COVID-19)
Nymburk22. 3. 2020OLYMPIA
CompetitionCanceled (COVID-19)Jihlavský ježekJihlava, 21. 3. 2020CompetitionJihlavský ježek
Canceled (COVID-19)
Jihlava21. 3. 2020EUPHORIAMINNIES
CompetitionWJSSC 2020Nottingham, 13.-14. 3. 2020CompetitionWJSSC 2020 Nottingham13.-14. 3. 202011thHARMONIA
exhibition51. kolo Tipsport extraligaKladno, 3. 3. 2020exhibition51. kolo Tipsport extraliga Kladno3. 3. 2020HARMONIA
CompetitionCup of DresdenDresden, 22.-23. 2. 2020CompetitionCup of Dresden Dresden22.-23. 2. 20205th7th1stMINNIESEUPHORIAHARMONIA
CompetitionSpring CupMilano, 14.-15. 2. 2020CompetitionSpring Cup Milano14.-15. 2. 202014thOLYMPIA
CompetitionSynchro Cup PardubicePardubice, 2. 2. 2020CompetitionSynchro Cup Pardubice Pardubice2. 2. 20204th2nd2nd1stMINNIESEUPHORIAHARMONIAOLYMPIA
CompetitionZagreb Snowflakes TrophyZagreb, 17.-19. 1. 2020CompetitionZagreb Snowflakes Trophy Zagreb17.-19. 1. 20204th1stMINNIESHARMONIA
exhibition33. kolo Tipsport extraligaKladno, 3. 1. 2020exhibition33. kolo Tipsport extraliga Kladno3. 1. 2020HARMONIA
CompetitionSanta Claus CupBrno, 14.-15. 12. 2019CompetitionSanta Claus Cup Brno14.-15. 12. 20191st1st7th1stOLYMPIAEUPHORIAMINNIESHARMONIA
CompetitionRiga Amber CupRiga, 5.-8. 12. 2019CompetitionRiga Amber Cup Riga5.-8. 12. 20191stOLYMPIA
exhibitionLedový MikulášPraha, O2 Arena, 4. 12. 2019exhibitionLedový Mikuláš Praha, O2 Arena4. 12. 2019OLYMPIAMINNIES
exhibitionMikulášský tréninkPraha, HASA, 2. 12. 2019exhibitionMikulášský trénink Praha, HASA2. 12. 2019OLYMPIAHARMONIAEUPHORIAMINNIES
exhibitionHokejová bitva univerzitPraha, Tipsport arena, 31. 10. 2019exhibitionHokejová bitva univerzit Praha, Tipsport arena31. 10. 2019OLYMPIA
exhibitionJiří Korn 70X DÍKPraha, O2 Arena, 25. 9. 2019exhibitionJiří Korn 70X DÍK Praha, O2 Arena25. 9. 2019OLYMPIA
exhibitionExhibice s HC OlympMartin, 14. 9. 2019exhibitionExhibice s HC Olymp Martin14. 9. 2019OLYMPIA

Tryouts for the 2021/22 season! Join our synchro family!

Fun, travel and a wonderful group of friends, but also hard work on the ice and off, including dance, strength and teamwork. We accept female and male figure skaters of all ages!

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Kateřina Urbanová Head Coach of team Olympia, Harmonia and Euphoria
+420 723 440 063
Jitka Mokrá team manager and Head Coach of team Minnies and Melodia
+420 602 290 167
If you are interested in a trial session or more information,
contact our head coaches or email
Zimní stadion HASASámova 1, Praha 10

Škoda ICERINKPřetlucká 23, Praha 10

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