We are recruiting both female and male figure skaters in all age categories!

Take part in our synchro try-outs! We are slowly returning to classic training, so now is the ideal time to start with team skating!

The ideal age to begin figure skating is 5-7 years. Everyone can learn the basics of skating with us, but we are mainly looking for children who want to devote themselves to the sport and who are suited to it. It is possible for children who have already mastered the basics to join, for instance those between 8-11 years who want to skate as part of a team and not solo. However, we also accept total beginners from the age of 5. You can try synchronized skating with us throughout the whole season.

We now have open try-outs primarily for our Junior and Senior teams, where we train already experienced skaters between the ages of 13 and 27. These skaters should have good control of skating skills, elements of free skating, basic jumps and spins. Our Senior team OLYMPIA has successfully represented the Czech Republic at the World Championships for 12 years. Their last result was an amazing 13th place at last year’s Worlds in Helsinki. This year’s Championships were cancelled due to the pandemic. Junior team HARMONIA completed their first season with great success and an 11th place at the Junior World Championships, which were held at the beginning of March in Nottingham, Great Britain.

Fun, travel and a wonderful group of friends, but also hard work on the ice and off, including dance, strength and teamwork. Join us and become a part of synchro!

If you are interested in our try-out times or looking for more information, contact us by emailing or by calling the team coaches.


Kateřina Urbanová Head Coach of team Olympia, Harmonia and Euphoria
+420 723 440 063
Jitka Mokrá team manager and Head Coach of team Minnies and Melodia
+420 602 290 167
If you are interested in a trial session or more information,
contact our head coaches or email
Zimní stadion HASASámova 1, Praha 10

Škoda ICERINKPřetlucká 23, Praha 10

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